Today morning Temperature: 16°C/61°F Sunshine: 80% Freezing level: 3700m
Today afternoon Temperature: 30°C/86°F Sunshine: 80% Freezing level: 4400m
Monday Temperature: 24°C/75°F Sunshine: 90% Freezing level: 4000m
Tuesday Temperature: 24°C/75°F Sunshine: 60% Freezing level: 3800m


An area of low pressure over France will produce weak foehn winds in our region. These winds will probably be just sufficiently strong to bring sunny spells by the afternoon. The first thunderstorms will therefore not break out before the evening.


On Monday and on Tuesday, neither high pressure nor low pressure will be dominant. We will see a mix of sunshine, clouds and thunderstorms. On Wednesday we will see a return to sunshine and fine weather.